Sunday, January 13, 2008

Irish Features:

The Irish tend to have either very light features: red, black, light brown, or blond hair; with some freckles, reddish pigment, and somewhat drier skin. And very pale colored eyes. They are usually also very fair skinned. Then some others tend to have bushy/thick brows and dark hair or brown eyes, but still slightly fair to lighter skin. They also have a harder time tanning in the sun and get burnt very easily.

Red Pigment to the skin:
(Here are some examples; Irish men)

(Irish model)

Distinct glassy blue colored eyes:

(Model Laragh McCann)

Short faces/sometimes a raised farhead, small noses:
(Images from google search)

Thick Browed Irish/Darker haired:

German Features:

Germans usually have a slight pigment to their skin. I'm 25% German. They also have distinct skin, sometimes slightly freckled (usually minimal or none at all.) I have also noticed that they have a broad type nose. Many also have very broad shoulders or a stocky build (usually both the women and the men) and sometimes a fuller chest.

Here are some examples of german's with pigment:
(google search; german fans in germany.)

Heidi Klum


Some also have fuller faces around the cheek and bottom half of the face area.
Example (from google search)

Broad Shoulders:

Pouty lips/Kinda of a skin matching eyebrow look

Claudia Schiffer

Kim Bassinger

Eyebrows/Eye shape:

Model, May gil.

Actor, Erik Von Detten.

Russian Features:

Many russian models have popped up a lot lately in Vogue. And they have very distinct features, in general. Many also have feline like features. Sometimes Slanted eyes, or you can tell by the nose or eye color (if it's blue), and sometimes just by the demenior/body language. You can also tell by the lips, sometimes slanted downward. But I can also tell by the brows, they usually slant downward, instead of straight across.
(from google searches)


ICY blue Examples:

(Model: Vlada R.)

(Eyes: In general)

Examples of slightly straight across type:

(Model Ekat K.)

(Eyes slant up:)

Eye Brows:

(Model: Sasha Pivovarova)

Feline like Features:

(IQ model, ru)


(Notice the slanting down of it. Russian actress Oksana A.)


(Pres. Putin, of Russia)

(From a google search, girl on left notice the nose)

(Russian Actors from bourne supremacy.)

Face: (Sometimes very "thick skinned")
(Example) (Notice around the eyes)

(Model Ekat)

(Notice the two girls, far left and far right. The skin is thick, esp. around the eyes. google search)

(model, Uliana T.)

Body Language: