Sunday, January 13, 2008

German Features:

Germans usually have a slight pigment to their skin. I'm 25% German. They also have distinct skin, sometimes slightly freckled (usually minimal or none at all.) I have also noticed that they have a broad type nose. Many also have very broad shoulders or a stocky build (usually both the women and the men) and sometimes a fuller chest.

Here are some examples of german's with pigment:
(google search; german fans in germany.)

Heidi Klum


Some also have fuller faces around the cheek and bottom half of the face area.
Example (from google search)

Broad Shoulders:

Pouty lips/Kinda of a skin matching eyebrow look

Claudia Schiffer

Kim Bassinger

Eyebrows/Eye shape:

Model, May gil.

Actor, Erik Von Detten.


basshunter said...

They are tall, mostly dark blonde and almost blue or green eyed (80-85%). Very typical Germans are Oliver Kahn, Claudia Schiffer, German Football (Soccer) players, etc...

Wendy said...

I disagree with basshunter. I've been to Germany several times and most of them have brown hair and not all of them have blue or green eyes either. Just take a look at the famous Kaulitz brothers -- they almost look Asiatic, with dark skin, medium brown hair, and dark eyes.

Sound of the Occident said...

You are most probably American and prone to confuse Germans with huge non-German population (mostly Turks, Italians, former Yugoslavians, Poles) living here.

I live in Germany. Few of them are brown haired even in the darkest part of the country (Bavaria).

Your "famous" brothers are not actually famous nor represent they the whole nation.

I can post a lot of dark Swedes, Englishmen who are of course not in majority. I can post a lot of fair Turks who are of course not in majority.

Mondlicht said...

No, I am not American, I am Canadian of German descent, so I've been to Germany various times. One of my own relatives (grandmother's sister) had dark hair and those odd "asiatic" eyes, and there is no Turkish blood in my family, nor anything else so please don't even begin to assume. There are plenty of brown-haired people in Germany. The Kaulitz brothers btw, are 100% German. They are not Turkish.

kjc said...

We had several German exchange students at my high school every year and they were all brunette/sandy brown, though with different colored eyes. I remember discussing racial stereotypes with them, and they informed me that naturally blond hair in Germany is not as common as brownish hair. They said a high percentage of "blondes" in Germany come from a bottle, much like in the US.

nyanyamerr said...

I have a similar story as with kjc. They, the german exchange students, tell us that our school actually has more blonde students (in this town in america we are mostly scandinavian, fair european, etc) than they do.. lol
Only one of six students has blonde hair (and it looks like hers is bleached from a sandy blonde/light brown ;p)4

seasaltisland said...

Yeah, I can see a lot of this in me. Especially the nose and hair and eyes. Then again I think I am like 40% German.. Thank other ethnic backgrounds :/

Seriously? said...

I am female, with a twin brother; 100% Teutonic heritage (traceable as far back as post-Dark Age Wessex), and we both have dark brown, almost black hair, dark brown eyes, fair skin, and freckles...and moles, lots of them, all over. The first thing people need to remember is that just because one was born and raised in Germany, doesn't mean they are Germanic, genetically. It's hard to find people these days who don't have some sort of genetic blending going on, unless they live on a remote island. There are "features" characteristic of every heritage, but they are more of a guideline and less of a rule.

@Sound of the Occident The Kaulitz brothers are not famous? You must live in a cave. No have internet access. Are we talking about the same Kaulitz brothers?

@Wendy In any case...they may not be 100% German, we don't know anything about their genetic lineage, so it's impossible to say. They exhibit features that are not "typically" Germanic, and in fact...their mother presents with some very definable Celtic and French characteristics. Being Northern German, where the Nordic countries have a higher influence, dictates a higher rate of light haired, light eyed Germans, and Bill and Tom don't fit the mold. It could mean anything. It could mean nothing.

My point is that in an age where travel is fast and easy and immigration takes place with more is silly to say, "All Germans should have this feature", or "All Italians should be defined by that feature."

michelledancer92896 said...

I am like greater than 50% german. Just like amercians I believe they all look different. The hair and eye color varies with genetics. But I do happen to know the original German culture has fair skin with light freckles, a variety of noses, shorter build for the most part, a fuller chest sometimes, and high cheek bones. Oh and those slightly tired looking eyes. I am most of these things with brown hair and eyes. But I look German.

Gregg said...

A lot of German wisconsin folks:

large blue eyes
rich summer tan
light brown/dark blonde hair
large cheek bones
small lips
face having sharp angles
small simple noses
small yet quite prominent eyebrows
small short faces

Mandrake_Bazarov said...

Having a German partner and having spent some time there I can say there is quite a variety in the features of 100% native German's though less variety than you see in England. I find Germans often, though not always have:

Broad faces
Wide spaced eyes
Prominent brow ridge which in turn makes small eyebrows seem more prominent
Strong cheek bones
Slightly tanned/olive skin
Sandy blonde/light brown hair
Thin upper lips
Square shoulders
Small noses least that is how they look to someone who spends most of their time looking at English faces.

scd2287 said...

I was just about to ask about that propensity to tan! All my German relatives and friends save 1 tend to have tanner skin.

Emma Brill said...

My parents are German immigrants. I am completely of German descent. I tan very easily and my skin is usually a sort pale olive tone. I have small lips and small eyebrows actually - I've heard that Germans have prominent eyebrow bones but I don't actually. The small nose thing does not apply to me at all, unfortunately i have an odd rather round nose, hazel-green eyes, and high cheekbones.

victoria sandmire said...

Gregg, I agree that's the majority of Wisconsinites that are from German decent but not always, I am mostly from German decent and I don't have sharp angles a small nose or barely noticeable eyebrows. But maybe that's the polish speaking...

Ken Bontrager said...

I am mostly German, with dirty blonde hair, a stocky build, and large nose

Malediction said...

@basshunter not all Germans are tall. In fact the average height for german males is 5'10" and the average height for german females is 5'4"

Nathaniel Crouse said...

I'm an American of German descent, I still have family in Germany and Austria, but why do you use American in such a derogatory way? It upsets me. Have you legitimately had bad experiences with Americans, or do you just have bad feelings towards us because of our government and/or jokes and stereotypes?

Nathaniel Crouse said...

Before you ask yes Crouse is the English spelling. My family anglicised it from Kraus. Not being testy there, people just get confused every time so I thought I'd get that out of the way.

joe dunkel said...

Because the internet hates us, best to just accept it the person was desperate for easy upvotes "yeah, I'm silly enough not to realize it's America's government that I hate, not the actual citizens" nice try German person. Your post was informative, yet cunty.